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Business Licenses - Nov. 4
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Robert R. Fowler III, 2127 Covington, commercial electrical, C&C electrical
Thelma Lackey Estate, 3273 West St., Covington, demolition, owner.
Eldrid Goodman, 5115 Hartsook Drive, residential electrical, Futural Electrical Contracting.
Covington Redevelopment Authority, 5978 Everett St., Covington, new commercial, no contractor assigned.
Paulee Partners LLP, 50 Winged Foot Way, Covington, new residential, Richport Properties.
Richport Port Properties, 40 Bellerive Lane, Covington, residential new, Richport Properties.
Robert and Camie L Meller, 2108 Monticello St., Covington, residential remodeling, owner.
Anthony Maddox, 7130 Washington St., Covington, residential electric, Hickman & Williams Properties, LLC.
JNMJH LLC, 5126 Walnut St., Covington, residential service change, Hickman & Williams Properties, LLC
Kelly Products Inc., 14481 Lochridge Blvd., Covington, commercial remodel, owner.
Covington Pharmacy, 3188 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, commercial new, Oswald.
Wagner Property Management LLC, 7205 Kajevuew Drive, Covington, residential service change, Moseley Electric.
Sibling Realty, 3161 North Elm St., Covington, commercial plumbing, Myers Felix Timothy.
Fowler Street Redevelopment Company, 2110 Fowler Street, demolition, Gaither Construction.
Fowler Street Redevelopment Company, 2121 Fowler St., demolition, Gaither Construction.
Joseph Waters, 2196 Conyers St., Covington, residential addition, Sawtooth Construction.
Covington Pharmacy, 3188 U.S. Highway 278, demolition, Oswald.
First Newton Bank, 4182 U.S. Highway 278, Covington, commercial remodeling, Dennis Gravitt.
Aiesha Inc., 10111 Alcovy Road, Covington, temporary use.
Rising Son Christian Church, 7120 Puckett St., Covington, commercial new, Moseley electric, Wyco Plumbing.
Chris Smith, 8307 Hazelbrand Road, Covington, sign, Printability.
R&R Covington Three LLC, 10190 Ga. Highway 142, sign, Clayton Signs.
Dr. William Dobbs, 2132 Hicks Ave., Covington, residential remodel, Willie Milligan.
Jane M. Sheffield, 6122 Gordy St., Covington, residential addition, owner.
Adams Street Properties, LLC, 5278 Adams St., Covington, sign, John Barrow-Miller EG Design.
Newton Medical Properties LLC, 6175 Newton Drive, Covington, sign, John Barrow-Miller EG Design.
Anthony Maddox, 8194 Washington St., Covington, sign, owner.
Frederick J. Benton, 5135 Berry St., Covington, residential addition, owner.