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Alcovy Fitness selected as small business of the month
Alcovy Fitness
ALCOVY FITNESS is represented by Malerie Weaver, Thomas Vity, Pam Stillerman and Natalie Allenbaugh. - photo by Darryl Welch

COVINGTON, Ga. - In an era when many local fitness centers are padlocking their doors or being absorbed by national chains, Alcovy Fitness is preparing to celebrate its 5th anniversary of helping members of the community get and stay in shape.

Owner Pam Stillerman knows the secret to the Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce small business of the month’s longevity.

“I think the secret is having passion for what you do,” she said. “We absolutely love our community."

As a registered nurse, Stillerman said she has a passion for health and fitness.

“For many years I was on the other end of it, with treating disease. Now I’m more in the prevention end of it,” she said.

“We really try to create a very warm and inclusive welcoming environment for our folks. We like to recognize everybody when they come in the door. Everybody loves a place where everybody knows your name.”

Stillerman added, “Our goal here is to help our community become the fittest community in America.  And we really believe it. Our job is to help people and help people to achieve their goals, and to do it safely in an affordable and fun environment.”

Employee Natalie Allenbaugh said the best thing about the club is the atmosphere.

“Everyone wants to help everyone,” she said, “we love to talk to everyone and get everyone involved and make them feel like they’re at home.”

Stillerman said every new member sits down for an assessment with Director of Personal Training Thomas Vity.

“He meets with every single new member, determines their fitness goals and then helps, along with our fitness consultants to channel people into the right arena,” she said, “Sometimes folks need a personal trainer. Sometimes they need somebody one on one and we offer those services with a world class trained group of personal trainers.”

If that’s not the avenue you want to go, Stillerman said Alcovy Fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes.

“We offer strength training classes like Body Pump, which is world class, the original barbell class. Our instructors are internationally certified in that. We offer that seven days a week. We have cycling seven days a week, so that’s a great cardio. We have Zumba classes. We have something for a novice called Fitness Gold,” she said.

“Some classes are more tuned to people who are new, some are a little more advanced, but every class should have modifications to meet folk’s needs.”

If you just want a basic membership to come in and use the equipment and the free weights, Stillerman said there’s something for you, too.

“We do have what we call Blast training in which one of our front desk weight trainers will walk you around in a small group, or one on one and show you the equipment.”

Stillerman said Alcovy Fitness is also the only gym in the community with an indoor pool.

“We offer aqua fitness classes six days a week. As we all age, ultimately we’re all going to end up in the water,” she said, “because it’s easier on the joints. It’s easier on the back and when you move your limbs through the water, you’re moving twelve times the resistance of air.”

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