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Britt barricades self in bedroom to avoid warrant
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Officers went to a home on Hidden Branches Way to serve an outstanding arrest warrant, but the wanted man was less than cooperative, according to reports.

When officers from the Covington Police Department arrived in search of 20-year-old Mark Britt, who had an outstanding warrant out of Jasper County, they first knocked on the front door, and, when they received no answer, made their way around to the back of the home to see if any occupant would answer.

Incident reports indicate that Britt had avoided apprehension previously in Newton County by escaping through the back door and leading them on a foot chase. Officers didn’t want a repeat of that situation, so they surrounded the home. As one officer secured the back door, he reportedly saw a female exiting a rear bedroom of the home and heading toward the front door where another officer was waiting.

They made contact with the woman and told her why they were at the home. While speaking with her, one of the officers noticed a man sleeping on the couch who matched the description of Britt. While the officer was speaking with the woman, Britt awoke and, when he noticed the officer, he allegedly jumped off the couch and ran to the rear of the home.

The officer yelled at Britt to stop, but he reportedly refused to do so, peppering his refusal with foul language and telling the officer to "get out of my house."

Britt reportedly barricaded himself in the master bedroom and would not come out. The woman who lived at the home eventually gave officers permission to enter the residence. One officer kicked the bedroom door in after several attempts to have Britt open it. However, Britt had reportedly pushed a dresser in front of the door, preventing officers from getting to him.

After a few moments, officers were able to shoulder their way into the room where they allegedly found Britt sitting on the floor smoking a cigarette. After several commands to get on the ground, Britt finally complied and was arrested. In addition to the outstanding warrant, he now faces charges in Newton County for obstruction.