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Bridge to reconnect county nearly finished

It’s been a busy week on the Little River, as construction crews from Newton County have worked hard and fast to finish rebuilding a bridge connecting a handful of residents to the rest of the county.

Tuesday night, Newton County Commission Chairman Keith Ellis gave an update on the project, showing through a series of slides that the piles and concrete to build the bridge’s base are in place. The I-beams and wood that make the bridge’s surface are together.

Soon, the beams will be lowered in place, covered by wood to make it feel and look like the old one, and residents on the other side won’t have to drive to Morgan County to reach anywhere else in Newton, Ellis said.

“A lot’s been done in the past week,” said Commissioner John Douglas, in whose district the bridge stands. “I know the residents who have been cut off from Newton County are happy to see it, and I appreciate it.”

Ellis said at times the crews working on the bridge have had to drive into Morgan County to reach the other side to continue work.

The bridge will cost around $32,000. It should be finished in coming weeks.