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BREAKING: Newton County Probate Judge Tests Positive for COVID-19
COVID-19 Confirmation in NCSS

Newton County's Probate Judge, Melanie Bell, has tested positive with COVID-19, according to her most recent Facebook post. 

"The noon updates from the State indicated Newton County had its 7th case of COVID-19. That is me. I'm not sharing to be dramatic, but it's slowly filtering out on its own," said Bell. 

There are some things that she thinks everyone should know.

"1. We have been treating me as presumptively positive since last Wednesday when I took the test (yes it took that long to get results!) and I have been quarantined at Piedmont Newton or my home since last Monday evening. Everyone I have had been in close proximity to was notified last week and have been following the recommended medical precautions. Thankfully no one, including Travis, has shown any symptoms.

2. I have never had a fever. Mine was caught because of a CT scan of my chest done in the ER."

Bell was born with asthma and that put her at risk. She urges her asthmatic friends to be careful and trust yourself. 

"This is NOT a bad cold! There has been incredible pain and unbelievably scary shortness of breath. I've battled bronchitis and pneumonia countless times, and this makes those seem like the minor leagues," according to Bell. "Please do your part! Our medical system is overwhelmed. Please shelter in place when you are able. This is not the time to meet friends for coffee or to 'just get out for a little bit.' You can save someone's life by simply being lazy. Come on, we can all do it!"