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Bradley running against incumbent for coroner
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After spending more than 30 years as a contractual licensed embalmer in Florida and four in Georgia, Robert Bradley is running against Tommy Davis for the position of coroner of Newton County.

The 56 year old has embalmed and/or prepared roughly 10,000 human remains and assisted as a technician in performing more than 150 autopsies.

Bradley said in an email that he is running for coroner, "Because it will allow me the opportunity to help individuals who have lost a loved one. I would strive to reach the proper resolution of facts regarding the one who has met their demise and render and thorough reasoning to the deceased's love ones, allowing the grieving family a measure of closure when dealing with their loss." He said his platform would be to provide capable, concerned and compassionate to all he serves.

"As coroner, I pledge to the citizens of Newton County to perform the state mandated functions pertaining to deaths in our county. I will carry out this solemn duty with respect for the deceased and compassion for the families they leave behind. I will work with community stakeholders in providing at-risk and other youth with the skills live healthily, make solid decisions and to eradicate under aged drinking," Bradley said.

When asked what issues he hoped to address if elected, Bradley said he wanted to provide programs for the young people of the county about the hazards of underage drinking and "other irresponsible behaviors that could result in serious injury or death." He said that he would like the office of the coroner to partner with the Crime Prevention Task Force to "help counsel and deter from wrong-doing at-risk youth, including those in gangs.

"I will interact with the community, address community concerns with groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other ‘at-risk' youth programs. We will team up with various health groups when visiting different assemblies to help educate people on preventive health care to include regular exercise, yearly physical examinations, overall and targeted health screenings based on family history, regular lab work resulting in a long healthy life."

Bradley received an associate's degree in general studies in 1977 from Miami-Dade College. He is an associate minister at the Church of God in Christ and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. He said he has neither a criminal record nor financial issues. He and his wife Wanda have seven grown children.

Bradley can be reached at (770) 728-0583 or on his Facebook page: Robert L. Bradley for Newton County Coroner.