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Beauty burglary
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Burglars struck a beauty supply store in the Kroger shopping center last week.

Newton County Sheriff’s Deputy Cortney Morrison said deputies responded to the business around 8 a.m. Thursday. They arrived to find the front window shattered.

When the owner arrived, Morrison said, she wasn’t initially able to discern everything that was taken. Video and other evidence was collected at the scene, and an investigation is continuing.

Middle school student charged

An Indian Creek Middle School student was charged with battery after punching another student in the face.

Morrison said a 12-year-old walked out of a bathroom stall and another student, 13, punched him the face and caused his nose to bleed.

"Basically, they were horse-playing in the bathroom," Morrison said.

The boy faces a misdemeanor charge of battery and has been released to his parents.

Check fraud

A Covington police officer responded to a call about fraud Thursday at the BB&T Bank, U.S. Highway 278.

A bank teller told police that a woman came in to cash a check on a Georgia company’s account.

The teller said a phone call to the company revealed the check was forged.

The teller reportedly informed the woman about the forged check and told her the police would be contacted.

Once an officer arrived, the woman who had attempted to cash the check reported that she had answered an ad about a babysitting job. The woman said she was told by a female that she would be sent a check for the job and to cash it and place it on a prepaid card.

Tanning theft

An employee at a tanning salon located at U.S. Highway 278 told authorities that a man stole money from the store’s cash register Thursday.

An officer spoke with the employee, who said she was working at the front desk but went to the back room when a man entered the store. The man reportedly walked around the counter and took $85 from the register.

The employee said she knew the exact amount of money missing because she had counted the money in the register drawer before the incident.

Dazed and confused

A Covington police officer arrested a man on possession of a controlled substance and other charges after he reportedly exposed himself to a woman and her 6-year-old daughter in the women’s restroom at Walmart.

A police report said officers responded to Walmart at Industrial Boulevard Thursday after receiving reports that Kevin Poynter had urinated on the floor of the women’s restroom and was "flashing women."

When a police officer arrived and spoke to Poynter, he told the officer that he thought he was in the men’s restroom and he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong until he was approached by a loss prevention officer for the store. He denied seeing the woman and child in the restroom.

The officer reported that Poynter seemed to be "very confused and nervous" and that Poynter’s speech was "slurred and his pupils appeared small."

Poynter reportedly told police he had two beers and had taken a Xanax, which he said was given to him by his neighbor. He also stated that he had an addiction to "opiates" and was going through withdrawals. He was arrested on a charge of public drunkenness.

On the way to the patrol car, the report said, a bottle with a partial label for the prescription drug lithium, for a woman named Rebecca, fell out of Poynter’s pants leg. The bottle reportedly contained four oblong white pills identified as Carisoprodol.

Poynter was charged with drugs not in original container in addition to his other charges and taken to the Newton County Jail.