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BB&T Lighthouse Project teams up with Miracle League
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BB&T is helping the Miracle League Newton County through the financial institute's Lighthouse Project.
The Miracle League received $3,500 in a grant that allowed the charity to purchase items for its marketing and fundraising, according to a release. BB&T employees also served as volunteers for Miracle League fundraisers.

In September, BB&T workers Jordan Myers, Cathy Earnshaw, Sonya Sheppard and Arleshia Little helped at the Miracle League's fundraiser at Colonel Cob's Corn Maze.

The Miracle League is raising money to build a baseball park and field for Newton County children with mental and physical handicaps. Plans call for a baseball park with two regular fields and the Miracle League field at City Pond Park.

The goal is $1.7 million, and the league wants to break ground in 2011.