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Attempted utilities scam made to Scoops, Blimpies
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Blimpie’s Restaurant and Scoops Gourmet Coffee & Sweet Treats in Covington contacted the Covington Police Department (CPD) concerning two separate attempted scams of the businesses Sunday.

According to a release from the CPD, individuals claiming they were utility employees called and threatened to turn off the electric and/or water service if a payment was not made to them that day.

Blimpie’s was contacted by someone claiming to represent Georgia Power, who was requesting payment for an outstanding utility balance. According to reports, the caller left a phone number for payment. Scoops was contacted by a person claiming to represent the City of Covington utilities department and asked that a Scoops employee make immediate payment via money-gram in order to avoid utility shutoff.

According to the CPD, neither the City of Covington nor Georgia Power will call customers at any time to ask for personal or financial information such as a credit card, debit card, banking information or a social security number over the phone.

“Any attempt to do so is fraudulent and should be reported immediately to your local law enforcement agency by calling 911,” the CPD release said.

If there are any questions concerning a City of Covington utilities account, balances can be viewed and payments made online at or by contacting the City of Covington at 770-385-2000.