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At home with the Hodges
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Who: Bill and Sue Hodges; Tootles the cat

The home: Sandtown Place; raised, Greek Revival cottage

Year built: Original one room log cabin built between 1820-1830 in Newborn, added to during 1840-1850’s

The basics: four bedrooms, three baths, 4,350 square feet on a 4.5 acre lot

Amenities: Nine fireplaces (four working), sun room, den, library, gardens

Bill’s favorite room: "I have two: the downstairs den in the winter time and then the rest of the year, the sun room because it’s so bright and airy and we have bird feeders and bird baths. We like watching the birds."

Sue’s favorite room: "The sun room and then downstairs in the winter time in front of the big fireplace. Those are my favorites."

Why this home: "Well, I always wanted an old house and I never could find what I really wanted so this one became, well, it was actually going to be torn down in 1979. I found out it was going to be torn down so I got in touch with the owner and I moved it [from Newborn to Mansfield] and then raised it and made it to what I wanted it to look like," Bill said.

Major renovation projects: "It’s been totally, totally renovated. All the plaster and all of that was torn out of it; it’s been completely rewired and insulated, storm windows put on. All of the chimneys have been rebuilt so that they work. We’ve added a new kitchen and, of course, we’ve added three bathrooms and we added a sun room. We’ve got a patio outside partially made out of cobblestones that came out of the streets in Atlanta. I moved in a country store, I have a blacksmith’s shop and I moved in a child’s log cabin that was built probably around the 1930’s and that was also moved from Newborn. So all of those things have been added. And lots of gardens," Bill said.

To-do list: "I would like to eventually have a detached kitchen as it would have had when it was built. So I’m working toward that. I haven’t been able to find an old one, so probably we’ll have to build one," Bill said.