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An elementary view of Thanksgiving
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Talking turkey: Porterdale Elementary School students tell The News why they think Thanksgiving (1) is a holiday (2) and how they would make the perfect turkey.

Nicol Vives, 5
1. "Because you get to celebrate it."
2. "I would like, bake it in the oven and put like, carrots around it and broccoli and Tootsie Rolls inside and some candy canes."

Justice Delecruz, 5
1."Because we just need our family."
2."Sausage and Skittles."

Manessah Graham, 5
1. "Cause of turkeys."
2. "Hot sauce with the turkey and everything that's good for the turkey. Oh, and candy canes."

Lenora Sarrows, 5
1. "Because it's fun."
2. "Vanilla frosting, chicken and pears."

Wyatt Weese, 5
1."Because your family gets together."
2. "I would put broccoli and ham and cheese then make it into a sandwich with salad and mashed potatoes and gravy."

Jasiel Balderas, 5
1. "Because you get to spend time with your family."
2. "Cheese, bananas and apples would make my turkey really good."

Jeron Tucker, 6
1. "Because it's all about being thankful."
2. "Put salt, dressing, pepper, and spices and put it in the oven."

Leionna Terrell, 6
1."Cause you get pictures."
2."I'm allergic to turkey, so I would have meatballs and cranberry sauce. First, I would eat the cranberry sauce, then the meatballs, and then more cranberry sauce, and then my little brother would take it away."

Ron Sams, 7
1."Because the pilgrims was searching for a new home and they were about to die and they found the Indians. Know where I got that? Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving."

Haven Dailey, 6
1."Cause it is good and you get to celebrate your parents and other stuff."
2. "A little fruit around it and some spicy stuff on it too."

Jordan Stewart, 6
1."Because I can eat turkey."
2. "Put sausage on top and put bubblegum inside."