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A recap of local crimes for April 29
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Man arrested for attempting to sell fittings to Oconee Metal
Covington police responded to a call about possible stolen items at Oconee Metal.

When officers talked to Hutchinson, he told them that he had gotten the brass fittings he was trying to sell from his uncle Ed Phillips. Then, he stated he had actually gotten them from his father Tony Hutchinson, who worked at Ronnie's 24/7 Plumbing in Social Circle.

When officers contacted Tony, he stated that he did not work for the plumbing business and did not give his son the brass fittings.

Woman allegedly wearing morphine pump causes accident
A Covington officer responded to an accident near the Checkers on U.S. Highway 278.

Carol Pridgen ran a red light at Pace Street and Hwy. 278 and collided into Stanley McKnight's vehicle.

The officer noted that she was acting as if she was under the influence of a substance, but she denied that she had been drinking. Instead, she said that she was wearing a morphine pump and had taken a hydrocodone pill earlier that morning.
Pridgen was cited for following too closely and a DUI.

Disgruntled ex-employee arrested after threatening manager
A Covington officer responded to an argument at the Kmart on Turner Lake Road.

Former Kmart employee Orenzal Miller, stated that he had gotten a letter in the mail stating that he owed the store $3,000 for jewelry he had allegedly stolen from Kmart.

The manager advised that he did not want Miller back on the property. The officer issued Miller a criminal trespass warning and began to escort Miller out of the store.

However, Miller stepped back and went into a fighting stance breathing heavily.

Miller threatened the manager with physical harm using an expletive. Miller was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Woman steals lipstick and says she has schizophrenia
A Newton County officer responded to a report of shoplifting at the Walmart on Salem Road.

The store associate told the officer that she witnessed Natalie Smith putting a tube of Revlon lipstick and lip gloss from the cosmetic section and stuck it in her pocket.

The associate watched Smith go into the bathroom, come back out and then attempt to leave the store on the grocery side.

When the officer talked to Smith, she told the officer that she had schizophrenia, but knew that what she did was wrong.
Smith was arrested and charged with misdemeanor shoplifting for attempting to steal $16 worth of lipstick and lip gloss.

Woman bullies kids after they allegedly bullied her kid
A Newton County officer responded to a report of a harassing incident.

Maria Zurita told the officer that a female in a big, red pick-up truck pulled up next to Zurita's daughter and her friend.

The female got out of the truck and told the two children to not stop messing with the female's daughter. She then threatened them with physical harm. The female then got back into her truck and drove away.

Fist fight on the school bus
A Newton County officer responded to a call about a fight on a school bus.

Randall Luna, the transportation coordinator for Newton County School System, told the officer that two juvenile boys were fighting on the school with their hands and fists.