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A Day in the Life of a 12-year-old Ballet Dancer
12-year-old Abby Boivin (left), draws out a map of the continent Asia, as her sisters Addi Ruth, 5, (center left), Anna, 9, (center), and brother T.J., 2, (center right), watch an educational video on YouTube with their mother Paige. The Boivin's are homeschooled students with a Christian-based curriculum, and Abby begins her school day at about 9a.m., ending her studies at roughly 2-3p.m.

For 12 hours, on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, Covington News reporter Randy Schafer shadowed 12-year-old ballet dancer Abby Boivin — delving into the young dancer's life, her experience as a homeschooled student, and a ballet dancer who just received a full-merit scholarship to the School of American Ballet, in NYC, for the summer of 2015.