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6 johns arrested in Conyers prostitution sting
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Six more arrests were made in a recent Conyers Police Department undercover operation targeted at those purchasing prostitution services, known as "johns."

The men reportedly responded to postings advertising prostitution services through social media and other websites, but when they came to the motel room where they thought they were meeting a prostitute, police officers greeted them at the door instead.

The operation, which lasted from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday, netted six suspects, who were arrested and charged with pandering and other charges. The suspects include:
1. Tamarcus Harry Callaway, 32, Conyers; Pandering
2. Michael S. Holloway, 54, Tucker; Pandering
3. Christopher John Crowley, 43, Social Circle; Pandering, Driving without a License, Wanted out of Morgan County for Probation Violation (original charge Theft by Receiving)
4. Monty Renard Sims, 44, Decatur; Pandering, Possession of Marijuana, less than one ounce
5. Prentice Orlando Calligan, 36, Covington; Pandering
6. Terry Denard Pace, 28, Lithonia; Pandering

According to Georgia code section 16-6-12, Pandering is defined as: “A person commits the offense of pandering when he or she solicits a person to perform an act of prostitution in his or her own behalf or in behalf of a third person or when he or she knowingly assembles persons at a fixed place for the purpose of being solicited by others to perform an act of prostitution.”

Conyers Police and the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office also arrested six people, including three men and three women, in a joint undercover operation at a local hotel on Feb. 20 for pimping, pandering and prostitution charges.