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4-H forever: 70 youths present projects
4-H teen leaders Jayla Porter of Newton High and MaKenzy McCord of home school help Cloverleaf 4-H members pose with their demonstrations. L-R Brooklyn Richards, Newton County Theme School, Alayna Reilly, Oak Hill, Gina Leal, Flint Hill, Hope Allen, Newton County Theme School, and Mackenzie Stevens, East Newton. - photo by Anastasia Cannon/The Covington News

Seventy young people in fourth through sixth grades competed for top honors at 4-H County Project Achievement Thursday.

Most projects required a five-minute demonstration with posters and props, while a few involved a four-minute performance or an hour-long food demonstration.

Among the largest projects were workforce preparation and career development, wildlife and history.

The top schools competing were Oak Hill with 27 and East Newton with 17 entries.

Winners are listed below, followed by the school and then the teacher or club name in parenthesis. The top three in each project move on to District Project Achievement in Newton County on Feb. 8.

Arts: 1) Hope Allen, Newton County Theme School (Parker 3 Club); 2) Salimah Zyiad, Oak Hill (Dowdy); 3) Alayna Reilly, Oak Hill (Harper).

Clothing & Textiles: 1) Mackenzie Stevens, East Newton (Almand).

Companion Animal Science: 1) Clark Holder, Home School (Home School & Friends Club); 2) Addison Andrews, Oak Hill (Benton).

Computer Information Technology: 1) Worth Haymore, Newton County Theme School (Parker 1 Club); 2) Seth Martin, Fairview (Malcolm).

Crafts: 1) Gina Leal, Flint Hill (After School Club).

Dog Care and Training: 1) Elias Dietrich, Heard-Mixon (Horton); 2) Emily Jenkins, Oak Hill (Harper); 3) Danielle Duplessis, Oak Hill (Benton).

Entomology: 1) Nia Simons, Newton County Theme School (Parker 1 Club); 2) Autumn Milford, Oak Hill (Benton); 3) JaNae Dacosta, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

Environmental Science: 1) Abigail Johnston, Newton County Theme School (Parker 2 Club).

Food Fare, sixth grade: 1) Shae Cannon, Grace Christian Academy (County 4-H Council).

Fresh Water Fish & Shellfish, sixth grade: 1) Mitchell Witcher, Newton County Theme School (County 4-HCouncil).

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: 1) Kopeland Gates, Fairview (Childs).

General Recreation: 1) Bennen Reilly, Oak Hill (Childs);

General Science: 1) Cyler Wilcox, East Newton (Holmes); 2) Charlie Nelson, Oak Hill (Childs); 3) Nile D’Breal, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

General Science, sixth grade: 1) James Neph, Home School (Home School & Friends Club).

Geology: 1) Raven Branch, East Newton (Almand).

Herpetology: 1) Blayne Marable, Oak Hill (Harper); 2) (tie) Kylee Key, Oak Hill (Childs); 2) (tie) Jessica Clark, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

History, sixth grade: 1) Jane O’Toole, Cousins Middle (County 4-H Council).

History: 1) Camille Grewe, South Salem (After School Club); 2) Aniston Cason, East Newton (Holmes); 3) Ryley Chopp, Mansfield (After School Club); honorable mentions: Chase Osborn, East Newton (Ivie); Claire Young, East Newton (Holmes).

Horse: 1) Sarah Price, East Newton (Holmes); 2) Abraham Mendez, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

International: 1) Megan Hinzman, Oak Hill (Harper).

Marine & Coastal Ecology: 1) Caroline Culbertson, East Newton (Almand); 2) Ayden Rollins, Newton County Theme School (Parker 1 Club); 3) Brandon Singleton, South Salem (After School Club).

Outdoor Recreation: 1) Ray Holt, East Newton (Ivie); 2) Davin Skelton, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

Outdoor Survival Skills: 1) Dominique Lowe, Newton County Theme School (Parker 1 Club).

Performing Arts General: 1) Sean Dibble, Home School (Home School & Friends Club);

Performing Arts Instrumental: 1) Chance Smallwood, Heard-Mixon (Newsham);

Performing Arts Vocal: 1) Destinee Slaughter, Oak Hill (Dowdy); 2) Andrew Jones, Flint Hill (After School Club).

Photography: 1) Brooklyn Richards, Newton County Theme School (Parker 4 Club);

Poultry & Egg Science: 1) Nicole Galloway, East Newton (Ivie); 2) Lily Oftedal, East Newton (Almand).

Science of Engineering & Mechanics: 1) Clark Hanson, Oak Hill (Harper); 2) Austin Truelove, Oak Hill (Benton).

Sports: 1) Cole Rowland, East Newton (Ivie); 2) Jevonte Henry, Oak Hill (Dowdy); 3) Haleigh Milligan, Oak Hill (Harper).

Veterinary Science: 1) Carlie Williams, East Newton (Almand).

Wildlife: 1) Anna Bates, East Newton (Ivie); 2) Tyler Blake, Oak Hill (Harper); 3) Taylor Wiggins, Oak Hill (Benton); honorable mentions: Jeffrey Lowe, Newton County Theme School (Parker 2 Club); Jayden Oats, East Newton (Young); Kanoy Thorne, Oak Hill (Dowdy).

Workforce Preparation & Career Development: 1) Phillip Hammond, Heard-Mixon (Horton); 2) Jet Rawls, East Newton (Almand); 3) Riley Folmar, East Newton (Ivie); honorable mentions: Amaya Evans, Oak Hill (Dowdy); Kevin Gomes, Oak Hill (Childs); D’Shanti Kemp, Fairview (Smith); Katelyn Milligan, Oak Hill (Childs).

Special thanks to adult volunteers and teen leaders who judged competitions, assisted with set-up and cleanup, or helped youths with projects.

There are many open categories for district competition; to register, call 770-784-2010.

Terri Kimble Fullerton is a Newton County 4-H Agent through UGA Cooperative Extension. She can be reached at