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2 women arrested for brawl
Pregnant woman orders 5-year-old daughter to hit
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 Two women were arrested Friday afternoon after a fight over a man escalated into violence on Holmes Court.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the home where they met with the complainant, 23-year-old Shanrita Seats, who reportedly told the officers that 30-year-old Tracy Cook had assaulted her after learning that Seats was pregnant and there was a good possibility that Cook’s boyfriend was the father of her unborn child.

According to reports, Seats told officers that she and Cook got into a verbal altercation which quickly turned violent when Cook allegedly threw a punch and struck Seats in the right cheek.

Seats reportedly told officers that Cook grabbed her by the shirt — which the officers noted in their report, could be verified by looking at the shirt — and attempted to hit her again, but that she hit Cook instead and then pushed her to the ground.

The report indicates that Seats alleged Cook got up off the ground and began to kick her in the stomach. Seats, at this time, was approximately six months pregnant, according to reports. Prior to the officers arrival Cook reportedly left the scene, but Seats allegedly told the officers where to find her.

Officers went to Cook’s home at College Walk apartments while EMS transported Seats to the hospital. When they arrived, Cook was there and officers asked her about the alleged altercation that afternoon.

Cook reportedly admitted to officers that she had gone to Seats’ home to confront her about possibly being pregnant by her [Cook] boyfriend. She also allegedly admitted to officers that the conversation became heated and the two women began to fight physically. According to officers, Cook had a cut on her eye and some swelling underneath it which she reportedly attributed to Seats’ 5-year-old daughter hitting her with a stick.

Seats’ neighbor was a witness to the altercation, according to reports, and the woman allegedly told officers she and Seats were sitting outside when Cook arrived. She held Seats’ youngest child when the two women began talking and she reportedly believed the two were friends at first because she stated to officers that she heard them laughing.

She reportedly told officers that the laughter stopped and the fighting began fairly quickly. She was unable to tell officers who the primary aggressor had been, but she reportedly said she saw both women fall to the ground.

According to reports the witness said the two women got up and began fighting once again, and she allegedly saw Cook began to kick Seats in the stomach at which time she ran over and tried to break up the two, but was unable to do so.

The witness was asked if Seats’ daughter had struck Cook with a stick, and the woman was reportedly hesitant to answer, finally allegedly telling officers the girl had done only what her mother had asked her to do.

Officers then asked the witness if Seats had ordered her daughter to strike Cook with the stick and the woman reportedly told the officers she had. The officers questioned the girl and she allegedly admitted striking Cook with the stick.

Both Seats and Cook were arrested. Cook was charged with battery and Seats was charged with cruelty to children. The Department of Family and Children Services were contacted as well.