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2 arrested for making synthetic pot
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Thousands of bags of synthetic marijuana were seized from a home on Trelawney Place Monday, and two women were arrested, charged with possession.

Following up on information that there was possible drug activity going on in the home, investigators, along with the Drug Enforcement Agency found that synthetic marijuana was being made and distributed from the home.

Investigators from the Newton County Sheriff's Office, as well as DEA agents, seized 3,000 small bags of synthetic marijuana from the home. The DEA will be analyzing it in order to determine if additional charges will be brought against Jasmine Renee Bevins, 24, and Heather Ditha Maddox, 24, who were both initially charged with possession of marijuana, obstruction and possession of drug-related items.

Although synthetic marijuana is legal in some states, Georgia is not one of them, according NCSO Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison. In 2010, Georgia banned synthetic marijuana, but the manufacturers then changed the formula in order to get around that ban. In March of this year, Governor Nathan Deal went back and signed a law stating that all forms of synthetic marijuana were illegal.

The illegality of it comes not from the natural herbs themselves, but from a synthetic chemical that is sprayed on the herbs that is supposed to mimic the high of marijuana. The ingredients used to make the spray are what makes it illegal, since they are considered Schedule I narcotics.

"Illegal manufactured synthetic marijuana is becoming a very serious concern to law enforcement and citizens alike," said Sheriff Ezell Brown. "The Sheriff's Office is taking a zero tolerance stance against this criminal activity in an effort to better the quality of life for the citizens of Newton County."