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GOP retaliates against Dems over Fulton tax vote
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ATLANTA (AP) — Revenge is on the menu at the Georgia Capitol.

Republicans dominate the House, but they're one vote shy of having a supermajority to do whatever they want. That mattered last Thursday when Democrats blocked a local bill that would have cut Fulton County property taxes by doubling the homestead exemption.

So when representatives convened Monday, Republicans retaliated by reversing Thursday's votes in favor of more than a dozen local bills sponsored by Democrats who opposed the GOP's Fulton plan.

Buckhead Republican Edward Lindsey said legislative custom dictates that lawmakers support each other's local bills. Democratic leader Stacey Abrams, an Atlanta Democrat, said lawmakers are free to vote their consciences on any bill.

The local bills aren't dead, but Lindsey must relent for them to be brought up again.