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The Alcovy Telegraph: Your man on the scene: talkin' dogs, traffic
McCart Marshall---WEB

Greetings, from your local correspondent. Hope all is well out there. Another week is in the book of the fairest city in the Georgia Piedmont and what a week it was. Per usual, it had its highs and lows, and we've been dealing with some pretty heavy things. But the sun came up today, the earth keeps spinning, and we all keep on keepin' on. 

A major item of discussion has been the black and white dog that's taken up over at the intersection of Alcovy Rd and Herring Street. Being that I stay in the historical North Covington community and usually go that way to and fro (taking 81 runs the risk of getting stopped by the train), I've been seeing this fella quite a bit for well over a month now.

In the last couple of weeks it had become a major thing on the book of faces. People have been really worried about this dog! Efforts have been made to feed and water the canine and several attempts have been made to corral him. All to no avail.

Animal Control got in the mix in the past week and asked folks not to feed the dog as they've been making attempts to capture it. Based on his size, I don't think the dog has been going hungry at any time in the recent past. I've parked myself a few times to see if I might be able to pick him up, but without any luck. Sometimes I'll roll down my window and just talk to him. He seems to understand me, and it looks like he's smiling.

I think what's gotten folks the most worked up is that the dog will actually lay or sit right on the edge of the road. But so far, so good. He seems to know where to get where he won't get hit. Prayers have been given for this dog by many over the last several weeks. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Speaking of dogs, I'd written a piece about our dog Betty Lou several months back in this fine publication. I mentioned how she was a "derpy" dog. A spastic, neurotic mess. Well, we decided that bringing another dog into the family fold might be helpful for her. Famous last words...

Back in December we adopted a mutt of a puppy that was presumably the runt of the litter and had been found on the side of the road by a friend of a friend. We were thinking the dog might end up around 40 pounds. Now, nine months later, and the dog's pushing 70 pounds. He, too, is a derp dog. But more than that, he's just a total buffoon and dumber than a box of hammers. Betty Lou is more of a mess than ever, and now we've got this huge fool to go along with her. Oh well, they're ours and we love 'em.

The traffic around these parts just seems to get more and more sideways, doesn't it? How can we have this many cars around Covington? Who are the people? Why are they here? Things are a mess out there but I've got a few particular pet peeves.

The people turning left off of Floyd Street onto Highway 278. Again, who are these people? Now, I always give folks a pass if their tag reveals that they're from out of town. But, many times, you see that Newton County tag and you just have to shake your head. Why in the world would you even try to attempt this?

And how about the Square? These people driving in the inner lane to get around traffic and then zipping through the main lane gets me worked up. This isn't the Covington 500! Again, I'll give them a pass when I see that they're not from here, but the other day I not only saw a Newton County tag - it was someone I knew! I won't name any names. 

And then there's the discussion of traffic lights. Elm and Floyd; Usher and Pace; Mill Street and 278. That's another discussion for another day. Thanks for reading, folks, and we'll see you back here next week.