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South Carolina man searching for missing dog locally
(Submitted Photo | The Covington News)

COVINGTON, Ga. - A South Carolina man is in town searching for his dog which has been missing since May 29.

Last seen on Flat Rock Trail in Covington, Cub is a 13-year-old black lab mix. His owner, Dewayne H. Chandler had left his dog with a friend when his dog, who has separation anxiety, dug a hole in the fenced-in backyard and escaped. Cub’s collar fell off during the digging.

“It’s been quite an ordeal,” Chandler said. “It’s the worst month of my life.”

Cub reportedly begins to howl and panic whenever Chandler leaves him. He typically returns to the last place Chandler was and begins to mourn.

Chandler returned back to his friend’s house and immediately began searching for Cub. Signs were posted around the area and he continued his search.

Chandler and his friend came up with a plan of action and Chandler agreed to stay where Cub was last seen.

“I love Cub to death. I’d be dead right now if I didn’t have that dog,” Chandler, who is a veteran, said. Chandler said he has struggled with mental health issues since his time in the military.

“He’s worth it enough to me to do everything I possibly can to find him,” he said. “I like to say, he’s trained me, I didn’t train him.”

Cub is a black lab/shepherd/husky mix. Chandler said his fur is mainly black with brown markings around all four feet and white markings on his legs. He has a brown patch of fur above his left eye and gray and brown around his mouth.

Anyone with information about Cub is asked to contact Chandler directly at 803-526-5057 or

Chandler said he will be in town searching for his dog through next week before returning back to South Carolina.