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Redman: Heart of the home
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Every day of the summer, the young boy would trample through the living room onto the crystal-clean carpet tracking in dirt, mud, or clay that he had so diligently scraped up from every side of the property, and every day his mother would scorn him for not taking his shoes off before entering the house. She would even make him clean it up himself! Even still, he would make the same mistake over and over. The boy told his mother that he couldn’t wait until he had his own house so that he could have his own rules.

Years later, the family was getting together for Thanksgiving at the mother’s son’s house. The mother arrives to the house. Her son opens the door for her and greets her with all the loving-kindness in the world! As she is stepping over the threshold, the son says to his mother, “Hey mom, sorry but uhh, shoes go outside…”

Surely, in one way or many others, this scenario describes similar stories you and I can share from our experiences growing up. The young boy may have his own rules now, but those rules are simply adopted from his mother’s rules. Where else will he find rules that make more sense? Where will any other rules come from that define the lifestyle he is use to other than his mother’s home?

If you are a parent and your child does not seem to understand your logic, motives, principles, and rules… do not be discouraged. This is normal, and somewhat expected. A good portion of the time, young men and women will have difficulty adapting to the principles of the home until they are out of the home completely.

That being said, how we raise up our children is most likely how they will choose to raise theirs. That is, if we take the time to raise them ourselves, and not let the world raise our children. The truth is, the world with its lusts would love the opportunity to raise our children, and its influences are powerful. The good thing is, as a parent, your influence is much stronger if you care for it to be. However, we can’t simply place our child on a sail boat and expect the wind to carry our child in the right direction.

We cannot raise our children soley on money, for money is material provision. We cannot raise our children on budgeted time, or we will run out. We cannot raise our children with friendship alone, or we will find them on equal ground. We must raise our children with unconditional love, unwavering principles, and strong authority. These three parenting tactics are becoming less practiced it seems, but especially the latter two; even in the more structured homes.

To conclude, what we find in the end is that parents have the opportunity to not only build the heart of their home, but to build the heart of their children’s home as well. Dad, you are so important, and you are very needed…but there are some things that you can’t do, and some places you can’t reach in your children’s life. That’s okay, because that is what Mom is for. To the mother, you are a miracle worker. You are strong. You can do amazing things. And I, along with the rest of the world, thank you so much for doing what you do.

Proverbs 31, the epitome chapter of the godly woman, was written by King Lemuel, but inspired by the one and only...his mother.  The proverb expounds on how hard the mother works, how wise she is, how much she provides, and all of the tender love and care she gives. “She girds herself with strength. Strength and honor are her clothing. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness. She watches over the household…her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband praises her! Charm is deceitful, beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.”

Verses 25-28 explains, “The woman will rejoice in time to come...for her children will rise up and call her blessed.”

This shows that often times, being the mother is not easy, nor is mothering for the faint of heart. However, even though there can be some very challenging times, a mother will be rewarded a hundred fold when her children grow up and realize how amazing their mother is and what she has done for them. Then, she will enjoy watching her children implement her love and structure into their own lives and homes.

Behind a successful man is a loving and caring wife; in front of a child is a defending mother who is clearing the pathway. In the most structured home, you will find the most virtuous woman. Thank you Moms for being the heart of the home! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Stay encouraged, and God bless.