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Owen: The true Christmas search

This entire week and possibly this month, many of us have run store to store in search of the best gifts to give loved ones. From brackets to rings, bicycles to drums, dolls to cars, whatever the case may be, we’ve expended energy and resources on items that either will not hold their value or will depreciate significantly soon after giving them. Now I in no way condemn these actions, in fact they are very commendable. Especially in a world where selfishness reigns supreme, thinking of others is always a great thing. One of the favorite American traditions during the holiday season is to reflect on the nativity story. The story of Mary and Joesph leaving their home and birthing the Christ child in a stable. I must do my due diligence and tell you that culturally this is slightly inaccurate. Since Bethlehem was Joeseph’s home town and he would have had relatives in that town, he would have gone to their home. The inn that is spoken of would have be actually the guest accommodations in his family member’s home. Therefore there was no room in the guest room so they would have been placed in the bottom floor of the family house where the animals are brought in at night time. That however is not our point.

There is a group in this story that we don’t give a lot of attention to. This was the wise men that came from afar. We relegate their actions to solely bringing gifts to the child in the manger, but their search was larger than that. Though they did bring gifts, they had a purpose. They’re purpose was bigger than they were and it had more to do with other people than it did with them. Their purpose was to affirm this new king that was being born. They spent years searching for their purpose.

There is a reason why each and every one of us was placed on this earth and that purpose is much larger then our desires and idiosyncrasies. Our purpose has everything to do with making the world a better place and helping those around us. As we move through this holiday season, we should begin a journey of finding out what our purpose is and accomplishing that purpose. As you read this, you need to know that you are Important and a very needed part of this community, nation and world. Your purpose places a major part in the success of others around you and the betterment of the world we live in.

Had those wise men given up on their purpose when they ran into opposition or gotten tired when the journey seemed to get long, the entire story would have changed. The needed affirmation of the new king would not have taken place and who knows what else would have happened. But they didn’t give up and they kept moving toward purpose. This Christmas, in all of your giving to others, give a gift to yourself and find your purpose. The wise men followed a star. Follow the leading of the divine and go after your purpose. When you begin todo so, you will find that this is an intangible gift that will flow to more people and last longer than anything Money can buy. This Christmas, do good, do no harm and stay in love with the divine. Make sure before you leave that your destiny is fulfilled. So many people are depending on you.

Rev. E. Chip Owens is a graduate of the Gammon Theological Seminary on the Historic Campus of the Interdenominational Theological Center. He has served as a Senior Pastor in the Covington Area. He is a well sought after preacher and Author that has had the pleasure of sharing the gospel nationwide.