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God knows you better than you
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O Lord, you have examined me. You know me … You are the one who created my innermost parts; you knit me together while I was still in my mother’s womb.

Psalm 139:1,13 (Common English Bible)

"Don’t even think about it!"

I can remember saying these words many times to my children when they were growing up, and at times even now. I will look at them and see them looking at something daring or dangerous that they think looks like fun, and before I know it, these words pop right out.

Their response is usually something like this: "How do you know what I’m thinking?"

"Moms just know," I tell them. One day, my children will understand that sometimes you just know what your kids are thinking when they get that little glimmer of mischief in their eyes.

The Psalmist says that God has examined and knows us, from our words to our thoughts to the tiny cells that make up our body. It’s comforting to know that there is nothing that can happen to us that is a surprise to God. In fact, if we listen to God’s Spirit guide us through life, we can maneuver whatever comes our way. Sometimes we will miss a dangerous situation, and sometimes we will walk through it, but we will never walk alone.

The Psalms are a great place to start reading whether you’re happy or whether you’re lonely, upset or worried. The Psalms can help you wrap words around your fears as well as your faith in God and your praises of our wonderful Creator. I love to read the words of these song/poems because they seem to express so beautifully our common human experiences.

God speaks through these words and other stories of faith in the Bible to help encourage and strengthen us in whatever situations we face.

What are you facing in your life today? Maybe a decision? Maybe a disease?

Maybe just the challenges of daily life?

Remember that God knows you even better than you know yourself, loves you more than the closest person to you, and will walk with you through whatever you face, good or bad.


?Rev. Jan McCoy is the associate pastor of Covington First United Methodist Church in downtown Covington. She may be reached at