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Try the crab cakes!
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I’m not a fancy eatery kind of girl. I assume I will spill or talk too loud and embarrass myself. I lean more towards burgers at the Vortex than salmon satay in pistachio oil, but Watershed on Peachtree is - I have to admit – pretty freaking amazing. It’s a little fancy, but not crazy, the food is a little pricy, but not outrageous, but every button-up shirt and kitten-heeled shoe is worth it for that food. From ultra-fancy popcorn balls to my personal favorite – the crab and shrimp cakes. The move from hipster Decatur to posh Peachtree Street hasn’t messed with the tastes and the vibe of this fun little restaurant that takes traditional southern food and puts a wacky twist on it. They also have signature cocktails. Which I love – and you should too. Go have brunch on Sunday, and bring me back a popcorn ball.

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Price: Whatever you care to spend.