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The Colors of Spring
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I love flowers. Like ridiculously love them. But I am not alone! There’s obviously plenty of people in Georgia that are all about pretty little flowers, and for those people I give you Atlanta Blooms! At the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There are a quarter-million bulbs – just try to wrap your mind around that – featured are tulips, daffodils, hyacinths (which smell amazing), crocuses and other bulb-ish plants that I am not smart enough to know the name of. Know what I do know? That they are gorgeous and well-worth the allergy medicine that you may need to take in order to see them. Visit their website and see for yourself the amazing pictures of these bright spring plants, then take a trip over to Atlanta and a stroll around the gardens. Totally family friendly, or you could romance it up for a date. You’re limited only to your imagination, people! Get cracking.

Price: $12.95-$18.95