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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Ever feel like you’re in a rut? Like you do the same thing at the same place all the time? I used to feel that way. Then I decided I was going to stop, and I did. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to Applebee’s for its drinks and Amici for its amazing Caesar salad, but that doesn’t mean I don’t spice things up every once in a while. And you should too! It’s surprisingly easy to do.

Once upon a time my idea of sushi was a trip to Publix, but then I decided to try the real deal and BAM! Love me some sushi now. The same can be said for anything. If you like Chinese but think Thai sounds weird, stop being boring and try it. Covington has two pretty amazing Thai restaurants. I suggest the Blue Crab Fried Rice at Treasure Thai on the square.

But it doesn’t stop at food. You like live music but can’t afford the tickets to concerts of big name bands? Then try out some local musicians – you might find some that you adore that just haven’t made it big yet. And you can say you knew them when! Plus, it saves you a ton of cash and you might be able to stay relatively close to home. The Depot, Five o’Clock Sports Bar and Grill, the Celtic Tavern, The Whistle Post – all of these places are within minutes of Covington, and they have live music all the time. And don’t forget Athens is only an hour away – and if you can’t find live music in Athens you’re doing it wrong.

Want to take the kids to see the animals, but you’re terrified at the price for a family at Zoo Atlanta? You’ve got Dauset Trails, the Yellow River Game Ranch, Noah’s Ark – so many lovely places that are close by and cheap or even free! Or just go outside! My son and I go to the park all the time. I love to swing; he loves to swing – it’s a match made in heaven. Pack a picnic, grab a Popsicle, take your shoes off and catch minnows in the sludge at Academy Springs. You’ll be outside enjoying this beautiful weather before it gets too hot to breathe. You know how Georgia weather is. If you blink you’ll miss spring and then it will be too late to do all the fun stuff outside that you wanted to do without having a heat stroke.

Personally, I plan on going zip lining this year. Way outside of my box, but it sounds like fun. It also sounds kind of scary, but that’s totally okay. I might hate it, but I might not. And if I never try then I’ll never know. And neither will you! If you want to go out to one of these bars to see live music, but don’t have anyone to go with you – go by yourself! Or send me an email – I like live music, I’ll go with you. As long as you aren’t a creeper.

The point is we’re all busy. Life is busy. We have families and friends and jobs and responsibilities. Being a grown up is hard work and way overrated. But don’t get so busy that you forget to actually live. You can spice up date night with one of these ideas, bring a smile to your kids face with the other, or just enjoy yourself and your surroundings. I hate the idea of waking up one day and saying “what if” or “I wish” – I’d much rather do.