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Ma'am, your baby looks like a gorilla...
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As the weather gets warmer it’s time to pack up those stylish winter boots and get outside. What better place to go with your family, friends or as a date (seriously, it’s a great place for a date!) than the zoo! And, cue the collective awwww… They have baby animals! A new baby gorilla named Andi, two new baby golden lion tamarins, a baby orangutan named Pongo, two new lesser kudu’s named Sherlock and Watson and a baby eastern bongo named Betty Jean. Now that you’ve finished Googling all the animals, buy those tickets and plan a day of it. Pack a picnic for Grant Park next door and do as my grandmother Madge used to say, get outside and get the stink blown off of you.

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Price: $16.99-$21.99 - children under 2 are FREE