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Frogs and marshmallows
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Chill out on the north shore of Sibley Pond Friday night to roast marshmallows and listen to stories around the campfire. When the sun goes down and the night creatures come out, put on your walking shoes and take a ranger-led walk around the shores to visit with frogs and any other creepy swamp creatures that happen to be out and making noise. I have it on good account that horror movie creatures are drawn to the smell of campfires and marshmallows, so beware. If you think I’m kidding, watch ANY horror movie from the 80s. If you’re smart, you’ll leave the hooker heels at home and wear comfy, outdoor-friendly shoes and slather yourself with bug repellant. You’re also supposed to bring a flashlight and some water to drink. You can come early and bring some food to enjoy before the roasting and story-telling. It’s a nice way to celebrate dad this weekend, even if you do have to sweat and get a mosquito bite or two. Make sure you call ahead because reservations are required!

Price: $3

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