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Calling all hipsters
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Don’t let the headline deceive you, the Indie South Fair might be dripping in ironic mustaches and smell a little like patchouli from all the faux-hippy college kids, but it hasn’t been going strong since 2007 for no reason. A huge “craftstravaganzaa,” there’s music, food, crafting workshops for the kids, a vintage market and art from locals, as well as other artists all over the southeast. From paintings to knitting and everything in between, you’ll find it at the Indie South Fair. A bonus: some of the artists are students, so you can feel puffed up by supporting some creative kids, and you can show off your one-of-a-kind infinity scarf or adorable earrings Monday at work or school and tell the story of how you survived a craft festival in Athens. While you’re there, stop at The Last Resort. Their cheesecake is ridiculously delicious and well worth a taste.

Price: Free!

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