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Marcello Banes another candidate for Chair

Another candidate has emerged in the race for Newton County’s next Board of Commissioner Chair.

Marcello Banes announced his intention to run Tuesday.

Banes has been a business owner and community leader for more than 15 years, and was born and raised in Newton County.

“I have the knowledge and proficiency needed to be an effective Chairman of the Board of Commissioners,” Banes said.

“Equally, as an ordained minister, I have worked closely with the community and am highly accustomed to working directly with citizens and county employees to support in resolving problems. From a managerial and leadership standpoint, my education has provided me with exceptional business and critical thinking abilities and skills.”

His immediate focus, Banes said, is to take a stance to conserve Newton County’s landfill while keeping the surrounding community safe from its potentially damaging effects.

Banes is running on three policy priorities: economic development, safety and roads.

He said he wants to focus on doing more to attract industries, restaurants and retail businesses. He plans to work with the members of the Chamber of Commerce in recruitment and collaborate with them in brainstorming ways of increasing the budget.

Along with increasing the county’s budget, Banes said he wants to work to try to bring additional staffing to the Sheriff’s office, fire services and emergency-911 departments.

“We must explore ways to increase the county budget without raising taxes which will in turn require stabilizing a properly funded budget,” Banes said. “If elected, I plan to acquire our county’s prime issues and integrate them with my top three policy priorities.”

Banes is one of five candidates to either announce of qualify for Newton County’s Chair and one of three Democrats running for the seat.

“Creating and maintaining a high level of transparency will be my foundation of engaging voters,” Banes said. “I plan on hosting quarterly assemblies at various spaces in the districts to keep citizens informed and up to date. I also plan on utilizing social media such as Facebook and personal websites to retain citizen engagement. To ensure citizens’ issues are addressed, I plan to personally follow through on all concerns and keep citizens posted on ongoing progress updates. By incorporating this plan, I believe we will become a better Newton County.”