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The perfect PromPosal idea for the perfect date
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Colorful balloons all over the floor, a huge white sign on the wall. That reads ‘Will you fly up to Prom with me?’ with a picture of a house and balloons from the Disney movie UP.

PromPosal is the combination of the words “prom” and “proposal.” PromPosal is a proposal from one person asking another person in a cute, classy or cheesy way to prom.

Some girls dream of the perfect way to be asked to prom from the time she enters high school, to her junior or senior year.

Guys, there are always ideas on the internet that are cute and grab any girls attention.

1. Leaving a trail to her bedroom is always something cute and surprising.

“After my soccer game Hunter Norman took me out to eat then on the way home I pulled the car into the garage to find a sign on the door,” sophomore McKenzie Rowland said.

“The sign said ‘HEY, PRINCESS’ then I walked in and found my downstairs living room door closed with another sign that said ‘I WAS WONDERING’ and when I opened the door, there was the door to my room and it was closed and said ‘IF YOU WOULD GO TO’ and then I opened my bedroom door, he put posters on my wall that finished the sentence ‘PROM WITH ME?’ then I said yes,” Rowland said.

2. But maybe some of you want to let your country side out and do something creative.

“We were at a bon fire and she didn’t know I was going to ask her,” junior Kyle Mills said.

“It was a giant surprise; we didn’t drive over to the bon fire together. Carly Curtis showed up and was there for 30 minutes,” Mills said. Then my buddies and I set up the logs of firewood and spelt out ‘PROM’. Then lit the firewood on fire when she came over to see me, then said yes” Mills said.

3. Maybe that country route just is not for you and you want something sweet and adorable for your gal.

“I asked my friend Emma to help me, and I went to Emma’s house and made a poster that said ‘My beautiful Abby, will you do me the exquisite honor of going to prom with me?’ junior Serinity Peavey said.

“I had Emma pick up Abby from her house and drive her to the school. My friends and I were in the hallway waiting for her and when I showed her the poster she cried and hugged me really tight,” Peavey said.

4. Sometimes classic is always better for a girl when it comes to asking her to prom.

“I was at work and my manager called me upstairs and told me to go into the side room. When I went in he was standing there with a dozen roses and asked me to prom in front of everyone,” junior Taylor Fincher said. “It was the sweetest thing ever.”

5.But a cheesy way is always the best way to win over a girls heart.

Some ideas that guys could do for their girl is buying a fish bowl with fish inside and write on the glass, “Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?”

Other ideas would be if your girl’s favorite color is pink. Buy her big pink balloons and draw pig faces on them holding the balloons and a sign that says “I’d love to go to prom with you when pigs fly.”

Girls, you do not have to sit around and wait for the guy to ask you. You can always ask the guy yourself in some cute way.

You might like a sporty kind of guy and want to something to catch his eye.

1.Write on a football ‘Can you tackle this for me… Prom?’ and hand it to a guy wearing his favorite team jersey.

2. Or wear a baseball t-shirt maybe with his baseball number on it and hold a baseball that says ‘I might strike out... but will you go to prom with me?’

Prom is a memorable time for any girl in her life, and the perfect way for her to enjoy it is for her to create more memories to have the perfect Promposal. Make your girl or guy smile with something cheesy because cheesy always wins the heart over when it comes to prom. season.