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Drug-free neighborhood a phone call away
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A recent case by the Covington Police Department’s Specialized Patrol Unit took a little more drugs off the street, and it started with a phone call from a resident.

CPD Capt. Philip Bradford received a phone call from a citizen, referencing an uncommon amount of traffic near a house on his street.

Bradford then called the Specialized Patrol Unit to check it out. After a few patrols of the area an officer in the unit stopped two cars for traffic violations, and made a drug arrest.

“We did see heavy traffic,” Capt. Bradford said. “We stopped two cars and made the arrest; that’s how we start a case.”

Once the person holding the drugs was arrested, the officer tried to elicit as much information about the house in the center of the traffic as possible.

From there often times CPD will try and work with the person who was initially arrested to find you the dealer is and if there are any other crimes associated with the location.

“We tell them you can help yourself on a charge,” Capt. Bradford said. “We tell the judge what they did and it’s up to the deciding judge of what consideration they will get on their case.”