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Are PromPosals really necessary?
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Prom season comes with many things such as tuxedos, very expensive dresses, limousines, and girlfriends nagging boyfriends on when they are going to get asked to prom.

Many girls expect to be asked to prom in a sweet, cute, and meaningful way; however any boy in the right mind has the opposite idea.

An appropriate way to ask a girl to prom should be as simple as uttering the words, “Will you go to prom with me?” accompanied with a rose or maybe even a dozen.

But that is no longer enough.

Honestly, if a couple has been dating to the point of at least six months where both expect the other to go to prom with them, nothing needs to be said.

It should be understood that you two are going to prom, if a couple is comfortable enough to know they are going to prom together then there should be no need for formalities.

In another, more unnecessarily dramatic perspective, you could ask a girl to prom by finding a thousand roses, filling the hallway with them, getting various people you neither know nor care about to hold the word “Prom?” up with large cards, setting up a thousand balloons to the ceiling along with confetti so everyone will be aware of what is happening, and praying that the girl does not embarrass you in front of the whole school, or find another very long drawn out expensive way of asking a seven word question.


Boys are already spending hundreds of dollars just to take their date to prom so why should they have to spend hundreds more on just asking if the girls will go?

Let us be real, guys would not go to prom if they were not being forced to.

I am sure every teenage boy loves to spend ridiculous amounts of money on attending a loud and crowded social gathering, seeing people they act friendly toward but really do not like, and getting dressed in a hot, tight and uncomfortable tuxedo.

And while all the other girls are instagraming the cute and expensive ways boys have asked them to prom, you could have a date with a girl you love without even having to ask the question.