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Woman falls through ceiling before her arrest
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 A stand-off between law enforcement officials and a 27-year-old wanted woman who barricaded herself in an attic Wednesday ended when she fell through the ceiling after being stunned with a Taser.

 Kimberly Colbert of Conyers, refused to come out of the attic of a one-story house at Willowgreen Court when Newton County Sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest her for charges in Rockdale County.

 While she was crawling through the attic, Colbert nearly fell through the ceiling over the rear bedroom, showering pieces of the ceiling and insulation on the floor, according to a report from the Covington Police Department, which assisted.

 CPD Officer Doug Allen went into the attic and found Colbert buried in insulation on the far side of the house. She emerged from the insulation when he asked her to show her hands, but then went back in.  

 She came out a second time but did not show her hands as requested, according to the report.

 Allen fired his Taser at her, which hit a rafter instead. Colbert then crawled over to the eaves of the house and began kicking it, trying to break through to escape.

 Allen went to the outside of the house and borrowed the Taser of another officer.

 Standing on the porch railing, he pulled back a broken board on the eave and fired the Taser at Colbert, which hit her right arm and right leg.

 She began falling through the ceiling after being stunned. Officers and deputies were waiting underneath and helped her to the floor.

 Colbert was arrested and taken to the Newton County Detention Center, where she was charged with obstruction of officers and second degree criminal damage, both misdemeanors, and is currently awaiting extradition to Rockdale County.