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What a miracle
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In 1998 the Rockdale Youth Baseball Association formed the Miracle League - a baseball league for disabled children in the area. The Miracle League complex in Conyers was the first of its kind in design with flat, cushioned rubberized surfaces and wheel-chair accessible dugouts. The league started with 35 players on one team and today has grown to 100 completed Miracle Fields, 100 under construction and includes 80,000 children and teenagers on its teams.

 We agree with the league's motto of "every child deserves a chance to play baseball." Team sports not only provide children a chance to build their physical fitness but also increase self-confidence, teach social skills and bring families together. The league enlists the help of "buddies," or regular-ability children and teens who assist Miracle League players. Buddies learn tolerance of other's differences and valuable lessons of the importance of community service.

 Thursday, Miracle League representatives and members of the Newton County Recreation Department will host a meeting to discuss the possibility of building a Miracle Field in Newton County. Building a complex would require financial support as well as volunteers giving time to build and maintain the field. Anyone interested in seeing a Miracle League brought to the county should attend this meeting at 6 p.m. at Turner Lake.

The News supports all youth teams for their character building and health benefits and will certainly assist efforts to bring a Miracle League to Newton County so all children can enjoy the great American pastime of baseball.