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Two men rob Covington Chinese restaurant on U.S. Highway 278
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 Two men robbed and held up a Covington Chinese restaurant late Friday evening, according to the Covington Police Department.

 Roderick Vason, 22, of Covington, and Anthony Flournoy, 21, of Conyers, were arrested while attempting to flee after holding up the Royal Palace Chinese restaurant on U.S. Highway 278.

 Shortly before 11 p.m., dispatchers received a call about a robbery in progress at the Royal Palace. According to the report, they could hear multiple females screaming in the background and a man saying "Where is the money?"

 When Officer Asher Dozier arrived on the scene and walked alongside the building, he could see several people lying facedown in the restaurant. He called for other units, which surrounded the restaurant, said CPD spokesperson Detective Daniel Seals.

 The officers saw the two men, who had no masks or facial coverings, escape out the back door.

 One man was caught as he was walking near the railroad tracks. As the officers approached him, he began to act nonchalant, pretending to talk on a cell phone he had stolen from the restaurant.

 The officers recognized him as being one of the escapees, and arrested him without further resistance.

 The other man was caught at the Applebee's nearby.

 While the men had weapons and had brandished them, both weapons were non-working, said Seals. One was a pellet gun which looked like a pistol.

 Vason and Flournoy are charged with two counts of armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft by taking.

 Seals said the restaurant hadn't been robbed in recent memory.

 He said neither defendant had been involved in any other robberies that they knew of, but that the investigation was still ongoing.