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Two armed robbers strike on Halloween in separate incidents
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 Two men were robbed at gunpoint in separate incidents on Halloween night, but neither attacker made away with any loot.

When one victim arrived home on Stephanie Lane shortly after midnight, he was confronted by a black man wearing all black and a ski mask.

The man reportedly pointed a handgun at the victim and forced him into the residence.

The men then walked through the house and into the victim's garage where the gunman demanded the all of his money before telling him to crawl into the trunk of a car.

While the victim was locked in the trunk, he could hear the suspect in the house. At one point, the victim yelled the he had asthma, said Newton County Sheriff's deputy Jason Griffin.

The suspect reportedly then returned to the car and let the victim out. He then again demanded the man show him where his money was located.

The victim denied having money in the house and was again told to enter the trunk.

When the victim reportedly tried to reason with the assailant, the assailant fired his gun toward the ground next to the car.

The victim then pleaded with the robber that he would be trapped inside.

According to Griffin, the robber gave the victim three screwdrivers and a cell phone before locking him back in the trunk.

After the victim was locked into the trunk, the gunman reportedly reentered the house and again searched for something inside the residence. After he was sure the assailant had left, the victim was able to escape from the trunk and call 911.

Once deputies arrived, it was determined nothing was missing from the ransacked house.

That night, a Papa John's delivery man was called to deliver a pizza to 370 Long Creek Circle.

Once at the location, the delivery man was allegedly attacked by a juvenile who demanded he hand his money over.

Griffin said the delivery man could hear the gun being pumped with air like a BB or pellet gun. The delivery man then began to scream for someone to help him.

According to Griffin, there were still several trick or treaters on the street, so the attacker fled the scene of the crime empty handed.

If you have information about this crime, please call the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (678) 625-1403.

Tips may also be given anonymously at (678) 625-5007 or on their Web site