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Three men arrested in late night altercations
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Patrons of T.J.'s Rockin Country Bar and Grill had a wild morning Saturday when three men were arrested in separate altercations.

Shortly after midnight Saturday Covington Police Officer Chris Usiak observed Keith Murphy, 32, yelling at a female outside his vehicle in the parking lot of the bar, which is located on Old City Pond Road. As the argument continued, Murphy reportedly punched his front windshield twice and his dash once while screaming obscenities at the woman.

Usiak and CPD officer Gene Nuqui approached Murphy and reportedly told him to get down from his truck so they could talk. Brian Cagle, 40, stepped between Murphy and the officers and reportedly said "everything was all right."

 Cagle and Murphy were told repeatedly to step away from the truck, but both allegedly refused to comply with the officers requests. Nuqui attempted to move closer to Murphy, but Cagle again blocked the officer's path. After Cagle again refused to move, Nuqui attempted to place him under arrest, but Cagle reportedly snatched his hand away from the officer and swung his hand at him.

The female then jumped in between the men and the officers while Murphy stepped down from the truck and stood in what Usiak described as a fighting stance. Nuqui attempted to move the girlfriend out of the way, but Murphy allegedly grabbed the officer's arm and pulled him away from the woman.

The officer then shocked Murphy with his Taser with a 5 second burst. The shock forced Murphy to the ground where he was ordered to stay. He reportedly staggered back into a standing position while pulling the Taser probes from his skin.

Murphy and his girlfriend were placed into handcuffs. While he was being escorted to the patrol car, Murphy repeatedly tensed his left arm and, at one point, reportedly told Usiak, "If these cuffs were not on..." Murphy continued to flex his left arm and make threatening motions toward the officer at which point Usiak threw Murphy on the hood of the patrol car. Murphy reportedly said, "Wait 'till you take that uniform off."

Cagle was also arrested and both he and Murphy were transported to the Newton County Detention Center. They were both charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

While the officers were still at the scene, they were alerted of a fight inside the bar. The officers entered the bar and found Adam Young, 24, grabbing another man in an aggressive move. Usiak grasped Young in an attempt to pull him away from the other man, but Young yanked from the officer's clutch and reportedly raised his hand to strike Usiak.

The officer responded by taking Young to the ground were he attempted to place the suspect in handcuffs. Young rolled over on to his back and again reportedly raised his hands to strike the officer. Other officers then joined Usiak to restrain Young. During the struggle, several bystanders reportedly yelled for Young to listen to the police.

Once the officers had finally forced Young onto his stomach, CPD Officer Ryan Turner placed his right shin on the back of Young's neck while Usiak handcuffed the suspect. While in restraints, Young reportedly continued to struggle, violently wiggling in an attempt to escape.

The officers reportedly had to force Young outside of the bar and into the patrol car. He was transported to the NCDC where he was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of an officer.