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This is just the first of many steps for Alcovy
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History has been made at Alcovy High School. After 11 attempts, the Tigers won their very first football game by defeating crosstown rival Newton, 23-0, on Friday night. And the second-year program deserves to savor the moment.

When I met the Tigers for the very first time, they were practicing in the rain last month. They didn't care about getting wet or catching a cold. Victory and revenge were on their minds, and on their agenda.

I watched them closely. I watched them work toward perfection. I watched them become one dangerous unit that Region 8-AAAA is not ready for.

That being said, Newton is a quality football team. I am not making any excuses for the Rams at all. But fate ran in line with Alcovy, which was the better team that emerged victorious.

So where do the Tigers go from here? They get back to work

Alcovy has eight more game to play. It's nice that you have beaten your No. 1 rival, with Eastside soon approaching; however, that is not enough. The Tigers must establish a new tradition, and they began a new era last week upon beating the Rams.

It's called a winning streak.

The one thing I worry about is when a team with enormous potential returns from winning their first game, and everyone gets complacent with that one victory.

The Tigers have a tremendous opportunity in making a name for them. If you don't believe me, ask Peachtree Ridge. The defending Class AAAAA co-state football champion is only four years old. Peachtree Ridge believes in paying the price.

The Lions didn't talk the talk. They knocked people out. And they walked the walk.

Let's not get it twisted that Peachtree Ridge was defeated Friday at the hands of a talented, Grayson football team. The Lions are a championship team; they know how to bounce back.

Alcovy could learn a great deal from Peachtree Ridge. That is to line the vision with your work ethics and take one game at a time.

The Tigers have now learned how to win a football game, and they must develop a taste for winning. In turn, I understand it's a huge win, but don't let the W overshadow what needs to be done - more victories.

Alcovy must take every game as serious as the next, but have fun in doing so. The Tigers must continue to grow as a team and obtain the will and desire to be great, and Alcovy head coach Kirk Hoffmann will do his best to help achieve that goal.

I wasn't here last year when Alcovy was going through its dry spell, but I can relate to what the second-year team is going through because I helped start a new football program in 1986. And believe me, it was hard enough trying to get your first win from other established programs. I can relate to the heartache of wondering if you will ever win a football game. It's good that the Tigers won - they just need to move on and get better.

Hoffmann and his staff have this program on the right track.

I remember what Hoffmann said to me the first time we talked. He mentioned that building a football program is like building a house - you have to have a good foundation.

With 22 talented seniors and a huge win over a county rival, one could build a skyscraper onto Alcovy's foundation.

This is a very different Alcovy football team from a year ago. Let me be the first to say that a new force in Covington has now arrived.

But does this team have a shot to make the playoffs?

I'll leave that question up for the Tigers to answer.

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