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They moan about the 3000 dead Heroes in the Iraq War.

Yet remain silent as 4000 babies are aborted each year.

They claim that we have been in Iraq too long.

Yet remain silent about the fact that we have been in Germany and Korea for 50 years.

They speak of fixing illegal immigration.

Yet refuse to secure our borders.

They promise they will control their spending habits.

But the entitlement budgets grow larger each year.

They say they need to raise our taxes.

Yet revenue to the Federal Government is at a record level.

They talk of defending our Constitution.

Yet few of them understand what it signifies.

They bloviate about needing energy independence.

Yet refuse to allow exploration here at home.

They talk of ethics.

Yet hardly a day goes by without a new scandal.

They talk of helping the poor.

Yet they keep them down with the welfare state.

They, are our Federal Senators and Congressman.