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Thefts reported across county
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While armed robberies have recently garnered much of the attention in Newton County, other less violent thefts occur daily in the area.

In separate incidents, two houses which where up for sale where burglarized. Sometime between Oct. 1 and Nov. 16, the owner of a house on Buckingham Drive had her diamond cluster pendant stolen from her bedroom.

The homeowner reportedly told investigators her home is up for sale and several potential buyers had recently visited the home. The missing pendant was worth a reported $2,500.

On Nov. 29, the owner of a home on Rosemont Parkway noticed someone had removed a double oven, a dishwasher and a light fixture from the soon-to-be-sold house. In the Newton County Sheriff's Office incident report, Deputy Marlon Pollard noted the thief drug the appliances across the house's hardwood floor, leaving deep gouges in the surface.

In another instance of random crime, on Nov. 28, a residence on Dews Trail was burglarized. A reported $700 worth of jewelry was stolen. The home's front door was reportedly kicked in and the dwelling's power breaker had been switched off. The owner only reported two diamond rings missing.

Local businesses are not immune from the recent surge in thefts either. On Oct. 21 a McDonald's employee allegedly stole $1,400 from the restaurant. The employee, who was working her last day, was reportedly supposed to take the money to the bank for deposit, but the bank never received the deposit.

On Nov. 27, an unknown person reportedly broke into the Auto Body Shop on Ga. Highway 162. The owner reported the removal of several items worth $1,000. The theft also attempted to steal one the vehicles from the property by breaking the passenger window and tampering with the steering column.

If you have any information about any of these crime, please call the Newton County Sheriff's Department at (678) 625-1440.