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The Donut King rules for sweet-tooths
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 The Donut King, famous locally for its delicious donut holes, is under new ownership and has added several new items to its menu, including peach fritters.

Co-owners Kay Cowart and Jan Cox bought the Donut King, a 15-year-old business, in December. Former restaurateurs, the duo has redecorated the small donut shop in addition to updating its menu.

"We've added some lower-fat items," said Cowart, naming the shop's new smoked turkey and mozzarella balls. "They're a real big hit."

Cowart said the shop, located in the Covington Crossings Plaza, also sells more specialty cake donuts now as well as more raised yeast donuts.

All menu items at the Donut King are made fresh on-site every morning, a fact that both Cowart and Cox are proud of.

"We make [the donuts] with love," Cowart said. "We're not like a factory. Every piece is handmade."

Added Cox, "We know that we're giving everybody something special."

New customers to Donut King are greeted with smiles and questions about their line of work and life. Cowart and Cox have already memorized the faces and favorite donut choices of regular customers so orders are often ready seconds after walking into the shop.

"We're trying to learn everybody, what they like and don't like," Cowart said.

Cox said one of her favorite parts of the job is seeing the reactions and excitement of little children when they come into the shop.

"They're eyes get this big and they're pointing at everything they want," Cox said.

Glazed donuts are 55 cents a piece and a $6 for a dozen. Filled twists are 65 cents a piece and $7 a dozen. ...clairs, apple fritters and cinnamon rolls are all 75 cents a piece or $8 for a dozen. Donut holes are 10 cents a piece or $1 for a dozen.

Muffins and croissants are also sold and are $1.25 each. Other shop offerings include pigs-in-a-blanket (big and small), ham and cheese balls, and ham and turkey croissant sandwiches.

Regular coffee, decaf and cappuccinos are sold at the shop for customers who want a coffee to go with their pastry or who would rather enjoy a leisurely drink at one of the shop's small tables. Flavored coffees are sold on occasion. Juice and soft drinks are also available.

"I constantly get compliments about how good the coffee is," Cox said.

Special orders for something not regularly included on the menu are available - a day's prior notice is asked. Corporate orders and church orders are also available. For certain orders, delivery is available.

Cowart advised new customers to drop by earlier in the day. That way they are more likely to find their desired pastry, as large quantities of donuts are not kept on hand and there are no leftovers.

Credit and debit cards are now accepted at the Donut King for orders $5 and up.