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The Church of Thyatira: Then and Now
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In Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, there are seven letters to seven churches from Christ. To each church he had a message. He still does today.

The letter to the Church of Thyatira is recorded in Revelation 2:18-29. Christ introduced himself as the one who has eyes that are a blazing fire and feet like burnished bronze, indicating his ultimate authority and judgment over everyone.

Christ was quick to commend the Church of Thyatira for their works, love, faith, service, perseverance, and their continual growth.

However, Christ was greatly troubled because of a woman, symbolized by the name "Jezebel," who had infiltrated the church and was misleading, corrupting and causing people to compromise with the pagan culture, idolatry and immorality all around them. The church of Thyatira was tolerating this woman and her teachings, and for this, Christ sharply reproved them.

In every age, there are those who infiltrate the church with motives and agendas very different from that of Christ and his cause. We must carefully guard against such deception and dangerous people. One person can corrupt an entire church if left unchecked.

Christ had been more than merciful to this woman and had given her time to repent, but she was continuing her divisive work in the church, so he said she would suffer great consequences and would be cast on a bed of suffering. Not only so, but also those who followed her teachings would be killed unless they repented immediately and changed their ways.

No one damages Christ's church without great peril to his own soul. Christ loves his church and takes personally those who do damage to it in any way.

To those in the Church of Thyatira not involved in this, Christ gave them words of encouragement to hold fast.

He also gave great promise to those who would overcome and remain faithful to the end, promising them authority to rule the nations and that they would be given the morning star, speaking of himself.

We too, face the same temptations at the Church of Thyatira to compromise with our pagan culture and allow people to get into the church to undermine and bring division from the true purpose of the gospel of Christ. We too, must guard against yielding to the temptation of bowing to modern-day idols. Each of us needs to make sure we do not have the spirit of Jezebel but that we are fully surrendered to the plans and purposes of Christ for his church.

As with all seven of the letters, Christ closes with these words: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." If Christ wrote a letter to you or your church today, what would he say? He is speaking. Are you listening?