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Teen tantrum
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 Teens are known to have occasional tantrums, but one juvenile's back seat meltdown earned him a trip to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

 Covington Police Department officer David Stewart came to assist a juvenile court official in bringing a teen to juvenile court around 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to a CPD report.

 The teen took off running when he saw the officer's car arrive, with three boys from the neighborhood chasing him towards Odum Street.

 Stewart turned around and managed to catch the juvenile and put him in the back seat of his patrol car.

 While they headed to the Newton County Courthouse, the teen began cursing, yelling and kicking at the partition, but stopped when the officer pulled over and told the juvenile if he didn't stop, he would activate the Taser on him.

 As they continued to the Courthouse, the boy reportedly began slamming his head against the Plexiglas divider as they continued on the road, saying he would kill himself if he had to go to jail.

 At that point, Stewart pulled over again when the juvenile court official learned juvenile intake was closed for the day. As officers discussed what to do, the boy continued cursing, slamming his head and saying he wanted to kill himself and cursed and threatened to kill the officers.

 The teen was taken outside, restrained and seated cross-legged.

 He attempted to spit on officers as he was restrained, according to the report, but calmed down for a while.

 Then he began yelling and cursing again, reportedly saying he wanted to die, that he would "kill you cops" and asking to be shot.

 He tried to stand up and take a couple steps, saying he was running away.

 Officers restrained him again and placed shackles on his ankles.

 The juvenile was taken to Newton Medical Center to be evaluated by mental health services, where he reportedly said he was about to kill everyone in the emergency room and wanted to kill himself.