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Talent galore at City Pond
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Three weeks into the season and it's live at City Pond Park.

After all, this is Newton County Recreation baseball, with all the little tykes suiting up to show their mommies and daddies how they have grown to be solid, competitive athletes.

Athletic supervisor and Little League director, Ricky Vaughn, is very excited about the number of youngsters who signed up this season.

"We're glad to see our numbers increase every year," Vaughn said. "We've got some talented kids with us this season. Not to say we haven't always had talent out here, but I'm really impressed with what we have this season."

There's no doubt about it - the Dixie Boys are thoroughly excited, getting ready to participate in the World Series hosted at City Pond starting the first weekend of August. It will last for five days to determine a champion.

"We should do very well at the World Series in all categories with the strong pitching we have," Vaughn said.

Pitching has been the strong point thus far, with the 11-12 year old Major League's Yankee hurler Devin McDonald. The Athletics' James Russell is another standout on the mound in the majors, along with Allen Bowen who comes off the hill for the Diamondbacks.

The Dixie Boys League is loaded with talented lumberjacks, led by the Yankees' Austin Fuller, who is known for his towering, record-breaking long balls.

Dusty Daniels, who isn't far behind Fuller when it comes to jacking balls out of the yard, is another gifted athlete who graces the well-manicured baseball diamond at City Pond.

And the younger divisions certainly aren't lacking when it comes to pitching and hitting, particularly in the Minor League. They are led by power pitcher Gray Richie of the Rangers, Hunter Phillips of the Mariners, Ahmad Aikens of the Athletics and Madison Earnest of the Astros.

Even the Pee-Wee League boasts exquisite talent. It includes Zach Lister of the Brewers, T.J. Wilson and Jacob Spivey of the Rangers and Carter Kirkpatrick of the Phillies.

Spivey is the home run king of the PeeWee League, and continues to ride the fence even to this day.

Before it's here and gone, get out and catch the exciting action going on at City Pond.