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Streaker arrested at Sellars Motors
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 A Covington native was arrested May 30 and charged with four counts of terroristic threats, according to a Newton County Sheriff's incident report.

 After receiving word that a male subject was chasing two subjects around naked at Sellars Motors in Porterdale, Newton County Sheriff's Department Deputy Steven Ledford was dispatched to the scene.

 Ledford arrived at Ga. Highway 295 and 162 Connector at 1 a.m. to find Willie Edward Robinson allegedly chasing both a white and a black male between cars, according to the report.

 Robinson, 52, claimed to have been beaten and robbed of his money and clothes by another "short black man." However, the deputy found no visible marks on his body.

 Robinson was finally corralled by Ledford with the assistance of Porterdale police officers Beau Alexander and Will Reagen at JJ's Quickspot gas station.

 Ledford reportedly found Robinson's clothes beside JJ's and brought them to newly arrived Deputy Clay Stevens who asked Robinson to put on his pants.

 After a few minutes and still refusing to get dressed, Stevens reportedly attempted to place handcuffs on Robinson for both his and their protection.

 According to the report, Robinson was unwilling to go down with out a fight. He began flailing his arms with balled fists in an attempt to strike Stevens and Alexander, forcing deputy Ledford to deploy his Taser gun.

 After only one of the probes struck Robinson's back and the other in Steven's hand, Ledford was forced to disengage his Taser allowing Robinson a chance to get back to his feet.

 Robinson was quickly knocked back down by a kick in the chest from Stevens, and was shot by a second Taser from Alexander.

 The Porterdale officer had to pull the trigger a second time before Stevens was able to apply the right handcuff and a third time before Robinson was under control. Robinson was shocked a total of three times with a 5,000 volt charge before he succumbed to the officers.

 "After I gave him the first shock, he was still very combative," Alexander said. "I had to give him two more five second shocks before he surrendered long enough to make the arrest.

 "He kept telling us that if he got back to his feet he would kill us all with his bare hands using his training he received as a Navy Seal."

 As Emergency Medical responders attended to Robinson, Ledford searched Robinson's bags, which were found on the side of JJ's not far from his clothes. Ledford reportedly found four pill bottles, two labeled as Viagra and two with no markings, all of which contained Percocets, a pain-reliever medication.

 According to the report, Robinson had been carrying a Brillo pad, often used for drug use. The report also stated Robinson had a bottle of Mad Dog 20-20 malt liquor and empty beer cans in his possession.

 "There were 30 pills recovered," NCSO Lt. Mark Mitchell stated. "We are unaware at this time what Mr. Robinson's intent with the pills was."

 Robinson was taken to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center and charged with two counts of obstruction of an officer and one count of indecent exposure.

 Robinson still remains in custody with a $7,000 bond as of Thursday.