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Stop the madness
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Dear Editor: Please create a new housing starts building moratorium on subdivisions in the triangle of Salem and Brown Bridge roads and Ga. Highway 81 until the end of the drought. Builders of many of these future subdivisions have put up erosion breaks and begun cutting in roads though no houses have been built yet. The water drain-off from some new neighborhoods has ruined my neighbor's property, and neither the builders who changed the dynamics of the water flow nor the county who allowed this to happen has responded to requests to correct the problem.

Everyone knows this area is over-built with deficient water supply, schools and roadways. Over-building also affects local hospitals, first-responders and law enforcement. With water bans in effect, how will new schools, the new Wal-Mart and Lowes and hundreds of houses establish their lawns and landscape? Each of the new houses will have at least two toilets, three sinks, numerous cars to wash, a lawn to establish and a washing machine.

I don't think it is right that the current long-time residents of Newton County cannot keep their lawns and plants alive while newcomers are constantly using more water. The only reason to allow this over-building is greed.

I do not want to stop people from coming into our beautiful neighborhood, but I am asking that government show concern for our natural resources. It breaks my heart to see trees being destroyed with no concern for the environment and hungry and thirsty deer walking in my back yard, during the day, because the forests around have been destroyed for profit.

The local government has the power to stop this madness. Use it.

Cathy Brennan