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Shoplifter caught
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A woman out of New York was arrested Thursday for shoplifting shoes from the Shoe Department.

Covington Police Sgt. Chris Cain responded Thursday to the Shoe Department in reference to a shoplifting call. After receiving a description of the suspect from a sales clerk, Cain was able to locate the offender on US Highway 278.

After initiating a traffic stop, Cain asked the driver, LeAnn Ryan, for her driver's license. Ryan reportedly said she did not have her license, but did have a season pass to White Water Park. Another officer arrived at the car and saw Ryan's New York license in the seat next to her.

Cain questioned the woman about what happened at the Shoe Department and Ryan denied she had taken anything. She was asked to step outside of the car, at which point Cain noticed Ryan was wearing a new pair of brown shoes.

Ryan was placed in investigative detention while officers searched her car. The search reportedly revealed two more pairs of shoes located in the front seat of the car. Upon further questioning, Ryan revealed she had a suspended license for no insurance on her car.

Ryan was transported back to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with shoplifting, suspended license and no insurance.