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Several recent drug arrests made locally
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Local law enforcement has recently been cracking down on drugs in the county making several arrests for a variety of drug related offences.

On Jan. 19, Newton County Sheriff's Office Deputy Terry Rogers responded to a residence on Eleanor Drive after a mother reported discovering marijuana growing in her son's room.

Rogers reportedly located half a Crystal Water bottle filled with potting soil and marijuana buds along with several smoking devices in the juvenile's room. As Rogers went to place the handcuffs on the 15-year-old suspect, the juvenile pulled away and ran out the front door.


The deputy followed and tackled the suspect on the porch. As they struggled, the suspect reportedly cursed at the officer and raised his hand in a fist in an apparent effort to hit the deputy. After the fight the suspect was able to pull away again and run into the front yard. The deputy brought the juvenile down and successfully handcuffed him.

The juvenile was charged with possession of marijuana, possession drug related objects, obstruction of officers and simple assault on a police officer.

On Jan. 21, four men were arrested in three separate drug related incidents.

Marion Albert Eidson and Kristopher Lee were arrested shortly before 9 p.m. after a Covington Police Officer pulled Eidson's truck over in a routine traffic stop. When contact was made with the suspects, Eidson reportedly told the officer without being asked that his tag light was broken.

While Eidson spoke, the officer reportedly noticed the suspect's nose was running excessively. That, combined with Eidson's extremely bloodshot eyes, led the officer to search the truck which revealed a plastic bag containing two plastic bags of a white-powdery substance believed to be cocaine.

Since Eidson and the passenger Lee had equal access to the suspected drugs, both were arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and open container.

Later that night, Hannibal McMullen was pulled over for having no tail lights, but was arrested after the CPD officer found a partially smoked marijuana blunt in the front passenger floor, a half empty bottle of alcohol and a brown blunt.

McMullen was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of alcohol by a minor, open container, driving without a license on person and no tail lights.

At 11:30 p.m., Simon Diller was arrested in the Cornerstone Lodge parking lot on a bevy of drug-related charges. A CPD officer spotted Diller's van cruise around the parking lot several times before stopping in a dark, deserted area.

As two officers approached the van, Diller ran from the vehicle towards them in a rage.

According to reports, after subduing Diller, the officers searched the van which revealed a pipe with burn residue in it, a hypodermic needle with liquid residue, white powder, eight cotton tips and a drug scale.

Diller was charged with criminal trespass, possession of drug related objects and possession of methamphetamines.