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Saving Christmas
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Dear editor: My family decided Christmas was not going to be an option this year. We lost our home in October and most of our personal belongings. We have been trying to piece back our lives. We had explained to the children that it was more important at the moment for us to get beds and furniture and food to eat, instead of toys. They were strong and said OK. My youngest was very sick the day her school went to see Santa so she didn't even have that this year.

Saturday morning we heard sirens outside. At first we thought they were going down the road to an accident, but they kept getting closer and closer. I looked out the window and saw three fire trucks. My first thought was that one of my neighbors' homes was on fire, and I felt my heart drop at the thought of another family without Christmas.

We went outside, and to everybody's surprise there on the last fire truck was Santa Claus. He came around to every child in our neighborhood and gave them a stuffed animal and a candy cane. Every truck was full of people saying "Merry Christmas."

I don't know which unit it was, but I want to say thank you to them and that it was appreciated by everyone, especially my little girl. If you could have seen the excitement, the thrill and joy in her face and the twinkle in her eyes, you would know how much it meant to her.

Bless the firefighters.